TreeCopy 1.11

It copies the folder structure from folders but not the files

TreeCopy is a small but useful application that allows you to copy the folder structure from drives and folders. The program copies the folder and subfolders inside, but it doesn't copy the files contained in them. TreeCopy doesn't require installation, the downloadable file comes in two versions: zipped and self extracting; after unzipping or extracting the file, the program is ready to be executed. The GUI has two frames. In the left frame you can browse and select the drive or folder from which you need to copy a folder structure; In the right frame you have to select the folder where the folder structure will be copied into. Before you copy any folder structure, you can calculate the number of subdirectories contained in it. One advantage of the program is that you can right-click with the mouse on any folder and use the same options as in Windows Explorer context menu, such as open, copy, cut, send to, create shortcut, delete, rename, open properties, and more. For MS-DOS users, TreeCopy can be used as a command from the command line.

Roberto Jimenez
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  • TreeCopy can be used as a DOS-command from the command prompt window. You can right-click with the mouse on any folder and use all the Windows Explorer context menu options


  • It only copies the folder structure but it doesn't include the file structure
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